2-Day Guaranteed

Earlier this year we began offering free shipping with no minimum order size for ProTech members, and now we're unveiling our first premium shipping program, Beetstech 2-Day. Guaranteed delivery in two business days for a flat yearly (or quarterly) rate. We wanted to call it Beetstech Prime, but apparently, some company already has that trademarked.

And we do meanguaranteed2-day shipping. This isn't Beetstech;Probably2-Day shipping. We'll use a shipping service that will reach your location in two business days, every time.

If you're already familiar with Amazon Prime, there won't be too many surprises. Our 2-Day program will be priced at $119 for one year or $45 for three months, but we're rolling it out with special intro pricing for a limited time. Special "early adopter" price: $79/year. No 3-month option. 

See if you qualify by clicking this link: Beetstech 2-Day 

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