Mail-In Repair

Speak with a Technician

Before shipping your device for repair, we recommend speaking with one of our repair specialists, who can give you an idea of what repairs are possible and can suggest some actions to try yourself. Our repair specialists are available via phone at 1-530-503-0804 or via email at Our hours of operation for repair communications are 9:00a.m.-7:00p.m. PT Monday-Friday and 9:00a.m.-5:00p.m. PT Saturday-Sunday.

Ship Your Device

Place your device in a box that has at least one inch of clearance on every side. Use enough packing material so that the device does not move around at all when the box is shaken. Make sure your device is not directly contacting the sides of the box. Ideally try to maintain at least one inch of clearance between the device and the sides of the box. Our repair specialists will provide you with a ticket number to include in the address to identify your device. We will notify you via email when we receive your device.

Mail-in Service Fee

Our basic mail-in repair service for customers in the US costs $55, or $70 for an iMac. Additional costs apply for international shipping. The mail-in service fee is non-refundable. Every mail-in repair includes a comprehensive diagnostic and return shipping.

Turnaround Time

For basic repairs or upgrades, we typically complete the repair and ship the device back 3-5 days after receipt. Logic board repairs may take 10-14 days, but we typically complete them within 7 days.

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