Grading Methodology For Used Parts

About Graded Parts

Since a majority of the parts that we offer are taken from previously used devices, certain parts are graded to reflect their condition. Read on for more in-depth information about our grading criteria for each type of graded item.

Cosmetic Grading

Cosmetic grading criteria is applicable to most outwardly visible components, including display panels/assemblies, top cases, bottom cases, and iMac leg-stands and housings.

  • Grade A: “Very Good” Minor scratches, scuffs, and/or chips. No dents.
  • Grade B: “Good” Moderate scratches, scuffs, and/or chips. Minor dents.
  • Grade C: “Acceptable” Major scratches, scuffs, dents, ect.

Top Cases & Battery Grading

Battery grades are applicable to both standalone batteries and top cases with built-in batteries. Grades for top cases with built-in batteries take into account both the cosmetic and battery grade. The overall grade for this kind of top case will never be higher than the grade of the installed battery. So if a top case has a grade C battery, but is otherwise in grade A cosmetic shape, it will still be sold as a grade C. Battery grades themselves are determined by a combination of the total cycle count and the design capacity (*represents remaining percentage of the original factory max-charge capacity at the time of testing). See the table below for details as to what to expect for each grade:

Display Assemblies & LCD Grading

Similarly to top cases, displays typically have both a functional and a cosmetic component to account for in the grade. Displays are graded with the lower of the two, between their cosmetic and LCD grades. Below is a list of our general criteria across all display assemblies that we work with:

  • Grade A:
    • LCD: No noticeable defects of any kind (May have scratches, pressure spots and/or discoloration that is hardly visible, as these are previously used). LCD picture is clear and free of any discoloration or distortion, no wear to anti-glare coating (when applicable), glass is free of cracks or deep scratches.
    • Cosmetics: Grade A condition only (“Very Good” Minor scratches, scuffs, and/or chips. No dents.)
  • Grade B:
    • LCD: May have minor/subtle defects, including issues such as individual dead pixels, or patches of discoloration only visible against a solid color image. Overall B or higher cosmetics.
    • Cosmetics: No lower than B-grade (“Good” Moderate scratches, scuffs, and/or chips. Minor dents.)
  • Grade C:
    • LCD: Fully functional, but may have wider-spread or more prominent issues than grade B. May also have worn anti-glare coating, or scratched glass.
    • Cosmetics: No worse than grade-C (“Acceptable” Major scratches, scuffs, dents, ect.)

Everything else: If a display assembly has any problem that significantly impacts its ability to function when installed, it will not make it to sale. Problems of this nature include nonfunctional camera or wireless antenna, damage to one or more of the wireless antenna connectors, a dim or unresponsive backlight, cracked glass, or problems that prevent the clamshell-style notebooksfrom being closed properly when installed.

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