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Protech Membership

If you're purchasing on behalf of a business or school, you likely qualify for the Protech Membership. The Protech Membership is a special type of account that offers a wide range of benefits, and best of all, is offered free of charge for qualifying applicants. 

You'll gain access to the Protech level-based discount program, in which you earn larger and larger discounts as you purchase more over time. As you make purchases, you earn points towards your repair score which you can always check the status of on your Account Dashboard. Your repair score points never expire and you earn them equally dollar for dollar when purchasing any of the items in the store.

Membership Levels

As you progress through the membership levels, you'll increase the discount that's applied towards all of your purchases, even stacking with promo codes and other types of discounts.

Protech Level Total Purchases Discount
Level 1 $0 0%
Level 2 $1,000 2%
Level 3 $5,000 4%
Level 4 $10,000 6%
Level 5 $40,000 8%
Level 6 $100,000 10%

Free Shipping

A $50 minimum order total is usually required in order to unlock a free shipping option, but the Protech Membership also grants you free shipping on orders of any size.

Free shipping is great, but if you want to pay extra for a faster shipping service, as a member you win yet again. Any shipping service that isn't already free is offered at a discounted price with the Protech Membership. 

Find out if you qualify

First, submit your application.
In one to two business days, you'll be contacted by one of our Protech account managers.
If accepted, just make sure to be logged into your account any time you're on the site. All Protech benefits will be automatically applied while you're logged in.
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