Testing Methodology For New & Used Parts

Used Condition Items

Our used parts are sourced primarily from used working computers so that we can test all functionality while the computer is in its complete state, allowing us to guarantee the proper working order of every component. Our process starts out with Appleā€™s own Apple Service Diagnostic (ASD) software, which contains a series of tests tailored to each Apple model and release year. 

Given that each version of ASD is designed for a very narrow range of devices, it precisely tests nearly all functionality of the computer, but often times there's still components that the diagnostic software leaves neglected. For that reason, each computer undergoes a series of tests devised by our technicians to catch the loose ends left by ASD. 

By the end of the testing process, LCD panels have been scrutinized, each port has been verified to be working to spec, logic board sensor results have been looked over, and a two full pages of results have been recorded and double checked in order to confirm which parts are fully functional and which are not.

Once the testing process is complete, each computer is carefully disassembled and each part cleaned, marked with our quality control label, and packaged for resale.

New Condition Items

New condition parts are individually inspected for signs of defects and between 5%-10% are tested to verify the quality of each lot that we receive. Parts with a history of reliability issues will have 100% of items tested, as do more complex parts that have more avenues for a partially defective state, and parts that require more time-consuming installation, because nobody wants to finish a two hour installation only to find out that the replacement component is defective.

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