Free Shipping

Shipping packages across the United States can get pretty darn pricey but sometimes we decide to cover the cost for you! I know, right?! There are two ways to the unlock a free domestic shipping option in our store:

Value Of Your Cart Contents

Adding $50 or more of store items to your cart will automatically trigger a free shipping option to appear. The $50 total can be reached with any combination of items; one $60 item will trigger the free shipping option, as will three $20 items. 

The carrier and service of this free shipping option will vary depending on the items in your cart. We do this because some carriers treat our delicate items better, while others deliver faster to specific locations. 

ProTech Membership

ProTech Members qualify for free domestic shipping on all items in the store, with no minimum order value. To learn more about the ProTech Account and all of the great perks, click the link for more information and to see if you qualify!   

Learn more about the ProTech Membership. 

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